Friday, September 11, 2009

A different generation

About two years ago I was working at Sunnyslope High School. I was in a science class when a student in the far back said something about 9/11. The conversation made its way to the front of the room where a student looked at me and asked

"Mrs. Schneider, what is so important about 9/11? I mean, I know its a big deal, but why?"

I stood shocked for a moment. How does this kid not know? Did they live in a hole for the past 6 years? And then it hit me...6years...their 13 now, so that means they were 7. They were in 2nd grade. Their teacher was probably instructed to keep the television turned off so that it wouldn't scare the children. Their parents told them the bare minimum as to not scare them.

How odd is it that there is an entire generation that won't remember where they were that day, or just how important it is to remember the lives lost on that September morning. Just kinda odd I guess.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Party!!

Well Madison had her first birthday party! It was small, just family at Robin's house (Matt's mom). Matt grilled burgers and dogs and we had plenty of food leftover. Madison got a years worth of gifts and she loves ALL of them! My sister and Matthew got her books and whenever we are playing she grabs a book and brings it over to me so I can read it to her! SOoooooooo cute! Here are some pictures from that day, we had a great time, thank you everyone for coming!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 year ago today...

So in about 3 and a half hours our little girl will be a year old! When people say having kids changes everything their not kidding! Having Madison in our lives changed everything for Matt and I and all in a good way. Sure having a kid makes things a little more difficult, you can't pick up and go to a midnight movie anytime you want, you can't sleep till noon if you stay up to late the night before and we are currently getting to the stage where she is absorbing all the sounds we make so I am trying to edit my swearing...of which there is a lot of. But all of those things are nothing compared to the joy and wonder that is our little girl! We love her so much and can't believe that we have been blessed with such an amazing gift! Here are some pictures of Madi from the past year. Unfortunately the go in descending order rather than ascending order...sorry about that but I am too tired to fix it! I copied this idea from my friend Nicole who did this on her daughters 1st birthday...thanks for the idea friend:)

Not even a year old and already walking

First time at the beach
Shes a fish!!!! LOVES the water!

Easter 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

First family picture!!!! August 26, 2008 12:35am 4 pounds 2.6 oz and 16 inches!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pictures of the happy couple!!!!

My brother and Tara are getting married! I had already posted about that awhile ago, but no there are pictures to prove it!! Are friend Kelsie Pinkerton is an amazing photographer! She took their engagement pictures a few weeks ago and will also be taking their wedding pictures. Here is the link to check them

Baya...just click on the underlined above and it will take you to see their pictures! It might take a few minutes to load! Love you!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July, naked time and her buddy Declan!

Playing in Auroras crate!
Her buddy Declan came over the other night. They played in the front yard together got really dirty in the grass and mud...then it was time for bath time! Madi is much more interested in the washcloth!

Everyone needs a little naked time

On the 4th of July we went swimming in the Folzs' backyard. Thank you Susie and Bill for the wonderful gift of a pool this summer! We go all the time and it is just like having one of our own except without all the responsibility!!

Madi and Momma in the pool!!! She is holding herself up...I'm not helping I swear!

So its been awhile since I posted...i know this! And my parents are out of town and need some pictures of Madison. My mom actually called the other day and asked to talk to Madi so she doesn't forget her voice...I think shes going through grandchild withdraws! Madi is standing on her own and so badly wants to walk. She is swimming every day and loves it!! She loves kicking and putting her face in. Her kick is actually a breast-stroke kick!! In my 10+ years teaching swim lessons I have never seen a baby do a breast-stroke kick!! She is a swimming prodigy already!! So here are some pictures of the past month or so hope you enjoy!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My "boss":)

Let me start by saying I love being a mom! I do...I really love it. I feel very blessed to be able to stay home with Madi and I love the time we get to spend together. I know for the rest of my life I will always treasure these times, because I will never get them back. With that being said, let me say that it is not easy. I consider staying at home with Madi my job and like any job it has it's ups and downs. The only difference is that in this job I have a 10 month old boss that is sometimes very demanding and very messy:) With other regular jobs your boss gives you feedback, positive or negative. A 10 month old can't say "Your doing a great job! You are going over and above your job requirements and we really appreciate the time your putting in." Sometimes not hearing that is difficult. I need to know that I am doing a good job from the person I am doing the job for, but she can't tell me that. The only way I know that I am doing what she needs for her is when she giggles at me when were playing peek-a-boo or when she smiles at me while I'm changing her diaper. Those are little subtle things but they are encouragement nonetheless. I hear from Matt all the time that I am a great mom and he can't imagine doing what I do. Which is wonderful and I really appreciate. I guess I will just have to wait a couple years when she can look at me and say "Thank you mommy." Can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my new favorite face!!!

We had asparagus last night...Madi was not a fan!!! I love this picture! She is becoming so much more expressive!